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November Reflection

Blessings Give Thanks

By Sr. Angelica Summer, Director of Pastoral Care

     The seasons come and go, but God remains unchanged and unchanging. As we welcome November, we see the days getting shorter and feel the weather getting colder. We know, before long, snow will be coming our way. But that should not make us sad and depressed. I like to focus on the events that make November special.

     The first is starting the month with the Feast of all Saints. What is a saint? D. Neary, S.J. says: “A saint is not a perfect human being, but one who has brought his or her life totally to God and becomes human in a way of love, compassion and care for all.” We are all called to become saints.

     Another event is on November 2nd, when we remember all our deceased loved ones who have gone from us during this past year. “The Commemoration of All Souls is a liturgy in which we pray for those who we have loved in this life and who have died. We love them in the presence of God, asking that his grace and love be completed in them.”

      A special Memorial Mass will be celebrated for all our deceased loved ones on Wednesday, November 4th, at 3:30 p.m. in St. Monica’s Chapel. Those living at St. Monica’s are welcome to attend but this will not be opened to the public. During the Mass, the names of those who have gone before us will be read aloud and a candle will be lit for each one. Fr. Brian Holbus will be the celebrant.

     We, then, close the month with the National Holiday of Thanksgiving. I am sure it will be celebrated a bit differently this year because of the Pandemic. Nevertheless, we have reason to give thanks for many blessings in spite of the challenges and struggles with the Covid-19 virus. God has been good to us individually and to our St. Monica’s family. What are the blessings you are going to give thanks for this year?

“Lord, I thank You with profound gratitude for the countless blessings in my life. Help me to daily become more aware of those blessings and to be grateful for them. Help me to see that life itself is a gift and that You are active in my life day and night. Help me to especially see these blessings when life is hard, or when some burden weighs me down. May I be filled with a grateful heart and always rejoice in Your goodness. Jesus, I trust in You." - Unknown