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A Poem in honor of "The Gray"

The Gray – by Joe Majowski

They are probably too old to be called senior citizens. They are the elderly, the aged, the gray.

They always look forward to company coming. They get ready early so as to not miss their visitors.
There is a certain humbleness as they push their walkers or move about in their wheelchairs.
In church, their faith is complete. You can see their lips move when they pray. The rosaries are in their hands.
They are not afraid or ashamed to ask for assistance.
When they see a puppy, they smile.
They strain to hear, but want to listen.
They can skillfully navigate their walkers and wheelchairs with acceptance and little bitterness.
Their sense of humor is keen and they can laugh at themselves.
They have defended their country, raised their families, put their kids through school, and lived within their means; all with little or no complaining.

They have earned the respect and the title of the Elderly, the Aged, the Gray.


Joe, the author, has been a volunteer at St. Monica’s for the past couple years. He is a retired Racine Catholic School principal. His Mother-in-law, Rosemary, was a community member of St. Monica’s for almost two years before she passed away.