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Servi Robot Joins the St. Monica’s Dining Team

servi robot dining assistant

A Servi Robot has joined the dining team at St. Monica’s Senior Living. Created by Bear Robotics, this robot is an extra set of helping hands that assists by carrying heavy trays, running food out from the kitchen, and bussing tables.

On Tuesday, the St. Monica’s Community Members agreed on a name for the new team member. “We named it Robby. It is fascinating and entertaining to watch. The gals passing food can get more on a tray. I think it’s helpful.” said a St. Monica’s Community Member.

Bear Robotics is elevating dining experiences by “automating the hard part.” The robots are developed to include three tiers to hold up to 66 pounds and efficiently deliver food from the kitchen, while also returning empty trays. The robots' battery life can last up to 12 hours.  “Our robots are designed to work alongside humans to help address service challenges while simultaneously elevating the customer experience. Servi is our first mass-produced robot and can autonomously carry food, drinks, and dirty dishes between the kitchen and tables in a dining facility,” said a company representative.


“My goal is to increase efficiency of daily operations. This technology allows the dining staff to spend more time with the community members serving coffee, making sure they have what they need and getting warm meals in a timelier manner,” said Stephany Lichter, St. Monica’s Administrator. “The dining team is really finding Robby helpful. The staff say the community members are being served faster than ever.”


About Bear Robotics: Bear Robotics is a robotics and artificial intelligence company that was started in 2017 to address the increased pressure faced by the food service industry around wages, labor supply, and cost efficiencies. Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, and Dallas, TX, Bear Robotics' multi-award-winning robots tackle tough jobs in fine-tuned fashion across a range of restaurants, corporate campuses, ghost kitchens, senior care facilities, and casinos across North America and Asia.