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Scheduled Visitation has been cancelled until further notice as of 10/19/2020. Thank you for your understanding.

Monica's HOTLINE: 262-383-3303 (updated as needed)

Friday, Nov. 27th: Hello from St. Monica’s. Today is Friday, November 27th. Due to a positive Covid-19 case diagnosed in an Assisted Living community member, we are requesting all Assisted Living community members remain in their rooms beginning at 6pm on Friday, November 27th. We feel this was caught early and remain hopeful. All meals will be delivered to rooms and one-on-one activities will be provided. Video calls will continue. We will be closely monitoring all community members and employees for Covid-19 symptoms. Testing of all community members and staff will take place as soon as supplies arrive. For questions contact Loretta Baxter, Executive Director, at 262-321-7131. Visitation remains closed unless approved for compassionate care or hospice/end of life situations. If you have been approved for compassionate care visitation please call Stephany Lichter, Director of Nursing Services at 262-321-7150, prior to your desired visit. Thank you and be safe.

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Update 10/19/20 Scheduled Visitation has been cancelled until further notice. Thank you for your understanding.

Visitation Guidelines CLICK HERE updated 9/30/2020

For those approved for Compassionate Care Visits: Infection Control Acknowlegement CLICK HERE

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To schedule your visit call: 262-822-8209 (for assisted living) or 262-631-3020 ext 254 (for memory care)


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